Supply Chain

We help customers from global enterprise level organisations to start-ups launch products, enter new markets and improve their supply chain.

OEMs, Corporates, Government and Associations partner with The Activ Group to centralise the management of multiple business processes, operations, vendors and programs. Our ultimate goal in any partnership is to design better supply chain processes, drive better outcomes and deliver the best net result in real-time.

Our Services

  • Supply chain operations and process design and management
  • Logistics management
  • E-Commerce technology, software development and digital platforms
  • In-country physical infrastructure (Warehousing, Operations Network and Call Centre/Helpdesk)
  • Order fulfilment
  • Loan and demo pool management
  • First 30 days product support
  • After sales support and service
  • Warranty, repair & reverse logistics
  • Inventory planning, management and response
  • Product lifecycle management through to end of life resource recovery

Direct cost savings for Ford

Ford Australia manufacturers automobiles and commercial vehicles. The company had difficulties in managing multiple supplier billings and allocating costs to budget centres. They saw increasing costs that they couldn’t explain and realised they didn’t have a closed-loop system to validate invoices.

The Activ Group was engaged to:

  • Perform an audit and validation process on Ford’s invoicing process
  • Automate invoicing and approval process
  • Implement requisition portal for expenditure on freight
  • On-board and train the suppliers to adopt the new process

As a result, The Activ Group unearthed $6m in direct credit claims and embedded an assurance service and technology capability (beyond the regular ERP and finance processes). With the new processes and portal in place, Ford’s staff are able to perform their core responsibilities with increased levels of productivity – saving Ford significant FTE costs.

Introducing Asset Management Capability to Cisco & IBM

Cisco is a global leader in IT and networking that develops, manufacturers and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. Cisco realised the need to improve their asset recovery in order to meet targets.

The Activ Group was engaged to:

  • Manage a fleet of assets, valued over $450m, in multiple theatres in partnership
  • Embed asset management capability in Cisco’s Global Services offer

Partnering with The Activ Group helped Cisco realise significant cost reductions. The Activ Group introduced a new approach to asset management and enabled Cisco to service asset recovery requests with an offshore “back-engine” team in India and onshore, “front-of-house” Australia management team.

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