After Sales Support & Service

We take custodianship of the warranty and service support work process for optimal reverse logistics outcomes based on cost, service, and recovery implications.

Our technology allows us to make real-time flexible decisions around best process activation for the customer and client. This saves cost for the client, and delivers higher customer satisfaction.

Our Services

  • Product triage and prevention of returns
  • Responsibility for authorization of returns (RMA)
  • Isolation and reduction of no-fault-found product returns
  • In and out of warranty management for repairs evaluation, parts harvesting, remarketing, replacement, return and recycling
  • Provision of online tools as part of workflow and resource management of all service agents
  • Dynamic decision support algorithms that enable real-time reverse logistics process controls and deliver efficient outcomes
  • Best cost service and recovery outcome for downstream processing of product and items
  • Faster, cost-effective  deployment to protect bottom-line cost-to-serve
  • End-to-end management of all customer obligations and compliance

Launching 360Fly in Australia

360Fly is a start-up that develops and sells flying cameras that pairs with your mobile phone and follows you around to capture your surroundings. The start-up had ambitions to launch in Australia but did not have the resources nor infrastructure to execute.

The Activ Group was engaged to expedite market entry with a turn-key solution that included full operations, inventory management, call centre and after-sales support services.

Partnering with The Activ Group enabled 360Fly to successfully launch and deliver to consumers in the Australian market.

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