Turn-key Technology & Platforms

We can achieve significant scale and reach, operating an extensive pool of approved vendors and agents to conduct assigned tasks and activities as part of our turn-key solutions.

Technology and digitial platforms are core to our post-sale service delivery and circular economy activation.

Ecoactiv Circular Economy Hub
Waste Management Solution
Product Stewardship SaaS

Freight Management & Dispatch System

Inventory & Asset Disposal Plugins
Bespoke Software Development

Real-time decision-making made possible through technology & digital platforms

We leverage real-time decision-making capability in our technology platforms to optimise services and networks so that customers can achieve zero waste targets, carbon footprint reduction, higher rates of material recovery, service and operational efficiencies.

With a unique consumer engagement capability, the platform empowers end-customers to engage a service that suits their preferences and needs in accordance with the waste hierarchy in the most efficient and effective manner.

Ecoactiv Circular Economy Hub

The Ecoactiv Circular Economy Hub is a first of its kind innovation that brings together all stakeholders, services and options across the waste hierarchy into one growing ecosystem and integrated product stewardship hub. It is a ‘whole of house’, ‘whole of building’, ‘whole of business’ solution that centralises the booking, collection and disposal of all product and waste streams into one simple platform interface.

The Hub provides residents, businesses and the broader community with easy access to a comprehensive service for the disposal of unwanted items and materials. It immediately embraces user pays services and also provides value-added options for community convenience.

Waste Management Solution

A Waste Management Platform Solution to manage internal and external waste programs and activity.

Applications for management:

  • A Manager who needs line of sight and tracking of all waste streams
  • Dashboard access for real-time KPIs and metrics
  • Generate reports across the business and drill down to detailed geographical and site-level waste
  • Control over all aspects, including environmental programs, impacts and operations

Applications for site-personnel

  • Manage site waste and manage bin capacity
  • Log of waste as it arises in a simple way that is seamless and frictionless, that all staff participate
  • Dashboards and metrics that show progress, real-time and the impact

Product Stewardship SaaS

Complete digital infrastructure, operational support and a customer engagement tool.

Centralises the management of:

  • Members, liable parties, sponsors, funding and membership; and
  • Participants and / or vendors; and
  • Channel partners

Digital Infrastructure Includes:

  • CRM
  • Payment system
  • Audit and tracking
  • Certification

Enables complete end-to-end operations for industry and associations for their respective sectors.

Freight Management & Dispatch System

A front-end freight requisition and procurement portal that allows users to generate quotes, create and book shipping and track deliveries. Users have full access to the best market rates – with savings up to 30% – and the full functionality of a multi-carrier dispatch system. Companies looking for a readily available platform to meet their dispatching needs can use this technology instead of building a new IT system from scratch.

Inventory & Asset Disposal Plugins

An inventory and parts management application for manufacturers who are obliged to provide product support after they have retired or withdrawn operations in Australia. The platform gives a single view of all engineering, sales and marketing inventory and parts data, monitors stock activity and predicts stock levels using smart algorithms. Manufacturers can fulfil their statutory requirements in supplying spare parts, super-cessions and substitutions with ease and ensure zero stock holding targets are achieved at the end of the obligation period.

Bespoke Software Development

The Activ Group’s digital platform engine, resources and software development capability is vast, with dedicated on-shore and off-shore teams responsible for delivering cost-effective applications and software deployment.

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