Reverse Logistics & Supply Chain


From gate to cradle logistics and supply chain management

Reverse Logistics & Transportation Management

We make it simple for the customer to engage directly with a high level of automation, visibility and tracking.

Post-sale Support

We implement technology and processes to plug gaps in our customers' reverse logistics operations.

Audit & Assurance Services

We embed the tracking, controls and validation processes into workflows in order to monitor risk, identify discrepancies and maintain data accuracy.

Waste Audits & Management

We uncover potential cost savings, efficiencies and opportunities to better procure and manage vendor services and drive improvements.

Logistics Invoice Validation

We provide penetrative data and invoice validation that can detect these issues at the detail level of any transaction.


Once product is sold and delivered to end-customers, our post-sale service commences from the first 30 days product support and customer experience through to warranty, triage and returns

Knowing that 40-60% of products returned under warranty is “no fault found” and the ability for brands to gain control, test and analyse product performance to drive improvements is challenging. Our solution? Make it simple for the customer to engage directly with a high level of automation, visibility, tracking and consumer engagement. A ‘whole of lifecycle’ relationship with the customer is of paramount importance.

The Activ Group’s role in the provision of after-sale services varies in scope and nature depending on the available resources, expertise, systems and bandwidth on the customer side. The earlier the point of engagement, assists in our ability to control the decision making and the most effective customer service and customer process to invoke. Our job is to get the best outcome for the customer in a way that is economical for the business.


Real-time decision making from gate to cradle

Reverse logistics operations need to adopt real-time decision making at the earliest point of engagement with the end customer – before any product moves through the network and any cost is incurred. Customers’ reverse logistics function is typically a mirror of their forward logistics processes and this design thinking can often be fundamentally flawed.

Technology Gaps We Address
  • Manual Processes that impact customer satisfaction and process turnaround times
  • Visibility gaps for service teams across the critical path in order to drive improvements and offer new services
  • Lack of tracking and follow up with customers on the status
  • Data and reporting capability to analyse business processes is limited
  • No integration with vendors for seamless service experience and contract performance
Process Gaps We Address
  • Limited bandwidth and expertise to manage the reverse logistics function
  • Return prevention is ineffective or limited by third-party players
  • Longer turnaround times to restore the customer
  • Use of 3PL operations to conduct evaluation and return processing adding extra layers of cost under the belief that centralised returns are an effective model
  • Incorrect use of transport agents or lack of contingency in service provision
  • Limited vendor pool or lack of flexibility in services utilised
  • No Audit in place against costs (invoice validation)

The Activ Group embeds the tracking, controls and validation processes into its workflows in order to monitor risk, identify discrepancies and maintain data accuracy and integrity.

This audit and compliance work is conducted by The Activ Group validation team that sits separate to its operations business unit, as part of the provision of its managed services. It is also a standard part of our reporting and billing function to audit all data across multiple processes and vendors to provide accurate information and metrics.

This function is also provided as a separate service to customers. We are often engaged to act as an independent auditor in the selection, assessment and management of their supplier activity. In this instance, we are removed from the day-to-day provision of services and become the final buyer and accounts payable function for customers.

Logistics Invoice Validation

The Activ Group has the systems that can provide penetrative data and invoice validation that can detect these issues at the detail level of any transaction, in order to extract savings and efficiencies. ERP systems do not detect these incidences, as it often requires specialist technology and subject matter expertise in logistics to identify it and understand its relevance in the business.

Waste Audits & Management

The Activ Group conducts these types of reviews but more importantly can provide customers with its Waste Management Digital Platform that manages user processes and the logging and management of waste on an ongoing basis. This is a permanent solution that businesses should consider adopting to realise cost savings and improve recovery outcomes over time. The return on investment is easily proven and can serve the needs of multiple stakeholders in the business that need the data, reporting, controls, integration benefits and centralised systems to reduce cost and generate profits.

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