Product Stewardship & Circular Economy

The Activ Group has over 20 years of experience and a proven track record with the Government and Industry in the delivery of Australia Wide and Asia Pacificturn-key product stewardship programs.


Our expertise extends across the full gamut of product stewardship

Feasibility and Business Case Development
Industry Scheme and Program Design
Stakeholder Engagement
Implementation and Roll-out
Ongoing Product Stewardship Operations

A viable and frictionless way of stimulating volume and managing collections and recycling of different waste streams

An increasing number of manufacturers, brands, importers, distributors, and organisations require more value from their compliance activity to better embrace circular economy principles. These organisations want to address all their products in the market with a sustainability offer that is integrated into their supply chain operations in a way that delivers brand and product equity.

Product stewardship programs need to be more holistic in their approach and designed as part of a circular economy solution that is both commercially viable and sustainable.

Circularity needs to move beyond simple “garbage” collection into intelligent activation based on the needs of the community and the ecosystem in which it operates.

By solving the total waste problem for the community, ‘Product Stewardship 2.0’ is a more viable, frictionless, and efficient way of raising awareness, stimulating volume, and managing the collection and recycling of in-scope waste.

Feasibility and Business Case Development

  • Modelling and business case development in the assessment of various Voluntary and Regulated approaches
  • Funding and Compliance models
  • Vendor assessments, including reuse and recycling infrastructure, processing and recovery capabilities
  • Product scope, targets and industry engagement model
  • Stakeholder engagement and feedback
  • Risk Assessments
  • Trial Development & Pilot programs with subsequent review, reporting and recommendations

Industry Scheme and Program Design

  • Strategy and design for both Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) Programs and Industry-led Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Schemes
  • Scheme structure, membership and engagement
  • Funding and Governance structures and related financial modelling
  • Scheme procurement and contract strategy
  • PRO model design scope, remit and responsibilities
  • Program Design including its planned growth stages and overall product stewardship objectives and KPIs (including baseline data points)
  • Development of Standards and Procedure guidelines for scheme participation
  • Market Engagement Strategy and branding
  • Channel Strategy
  • Member engagement and acquisition, including on-shore and off-shore liaison with various key decision-makers, procurement requirements and negotiation

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Liaison with Government in the formation of schemes and level of Government vs industry-led activity and responsibilities
  • Government applications and accreditation
  • Compliance and Regulatory reporting
  • Liaison with key program partners and suppliers for inclusion in the project scope

Implementation and Roll-out

  • Program and Scheme implementation and end to end operations
  • Project plans with phased approach
  • Channel development and Reasonable Access
  • Vendor identification, procurement and integration
  • Activation of the Ecoactiv Platform to engage consumers, business and the broader community
  • Digital Infrastructure, portals and Apps to manage end to end operations, data, reporting, compliance, tracking, certificates, metrics and program performance

Ongoing Product Stewardship Operations

  • Program end to end ongoing operational management, tracking and centralised reporting (one data source)
  • Supply chain optimisation and reverse logistics infrastructure and services
  • Marketing and communications activity
  • Vendor and Channel management, reporting and process control
  • Ongoing auditing and performance management
  • Site inspections, staff training and compliance records management
  • Assurance services and data management
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements

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